A state-of-the-art stainless steel 20 high cold rolling mill manufactured by I²S - USA is able to roll cold-rolled stainless steel coil from 2.5 mm thickness down to the final thickness of 0.05 mm while still consistently maintaining surface quality, excellent strip flatness and thickness variation within a maximum range of 3 microns.

It perfectly removes the oil residue carried by the strip from cold rolling mill by the action of alkaline and hot rinsing, before the coils are send to bright annealing or slitting.

A vertical bright annealing line manufactured by Ebner-Austria is designed with the proven muffle concept to make use of the pure hydrogen atmosphere with lowest dewpoint (-60 °C) to maintain an oxidation-free process. The result is a clean, damage-free surface as well as perfect mechanical properties in the annealed strips. Ebner technology can process strip with a very high width to thickness ratio. The strip dimensions to be processed at this facility are between 1 mm and 0.1 mm thickness and up to 500 mm wide with temperatures ranging up to 1150 °C

The skin pass mill improves mechanical properties, flatness and brightness of the stainless steel strip. The maximum width is 500 mm with thickness range of 1.00 mm to 0.10 mm, and maximum brightness of soft products is up to 600 GU.

It precisely controls the strip width & burr level by meticulously setting the precision circular slitting knives & spacers on the arbor. The minimum slit width can be as narrow as 5 mm.

In order to deliver the assured quality, all material from raw material until finished goods are inspected & tested before being delivered to customer. To ensure the compliance with customer's requirement. BNM has a modern quality control laboratory, which include.

- hardness testing machine
- yield and tensile strength machine
- brightness and roughness testing machine

we can produce from soft up to super extra hard products with thickness range down to 0.05 mm (50 Micron)

Our slitting lines have width range down to 5 mm with tolerance according to JIS or ASTM Standards. Available for all stainless steel grades: 301, 304, 304L, 316L , 430, 904L, etc.